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Using our extensive experience with hundreds of amateur and professional athletes, our laboratory set out to produce an exclusive line of highly specialized athletic orthoses whose active principles are individualized and adapted to each sport.

Following the treating physician’s examination and recommendations, we analyze the irritants and biomechanical constraints so that we can blend the necessary corrections with the athlete’s threshold of physical tolerance. In this way, we can modify many functions or key attributes such as movement phases, flexion-extension, energy recovery, and stimulation of stretch receptors, as well as the operation of specific muscles or tendons to optimize the athlete’s performance.

Depending on the sports disciplines involved, the postings also take on the role of stimulating, correcting and compensating. They absorb shock waves, which, in some sports, can be particularly violent.

Consistent with the entire line of Bi-Op products, the Polysport orthosis retains its uniqueness because of its significant superiority over other similar products on the market when it comes to resisting impact.

Whether people aspire to climb to new heights, conquer difficult slopes or surpass their own limits, Bi-Op’s orthoses will propel them to excellence.

We offer a huge variety of top cover materials whose performance is based on grip, flexibility or perspiration control.

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